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TrafficBuilders — When In-store Traffic Counts

NewsNotes TrafficBuilders create interactive front page advertising that entices recipients to visit your business and drive in-store traffic.

With NewsNotes TrafficBuilders you can create coupons, punch cards, frequent buyer cards, and temporary ID cards.

Drive customer traffic with these great product ideas!

  • Booklet Notes - Provides more real estate for couponing and information
  • SnapOFFer - Allows the reader to 'Snap-Off' the offer at the perforation for use as a coupon, punch card, or a temporary membership card for long-term use.
  • Scratch-Off Message - Concealed promotion to be redeemed at your business when revealed by recipient.
  • Scented Notes - Specialize your market specific scent. Choose from Grass, Cotton Candy, Leather, or whatever fits your business!
  • Scrambled Message – Requires consumer to visit your business and use decoder to unveil the otherwise unreadable message, such as percent-off purchase or prize.
  • Sequential Numbers/Bar Code – Requires recipient to have bar code read or number confirmed on your premises.
  • ValuOFFER - Allows customers to peel off different coupons for in-store or online redemptionAlso functions as a great response rate tracking mechanism.

Download NewsNotes TrafficBuilders selling sheet.

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