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EventSerts — Make Your Message Timeless

NewsNotes EventSerts can be applied to desks, walls, or cabinets; they stick anywhere a magnet or foam back mouse pad does and everywhere they don’t.  EventSerts add life to your message and create a message that lasts.

NewsNotes EventSerts work great for…

  • Direct mail
  • Pseudo magnets
  • Mouse pads
  • Calendar strips for inserts

With NewsNotes EventSerts you can…

  • Develop brand awareness
  • Promote special events
  • Promote sports team schedules
  • Promote symphonies and theater performances
  • Provide a convenient list of contacts or locations

NewsNotes EventSerts can be applied, cleanly removed, and reapplied again and again. They can be automatically inserted into the newspaper or applied to direct mail postcards and are perfect for TMC campaigns

Download NewsNotes EventSerts selling sheet.

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